Arts & crafts business

    China National Arts and Crafts (Group) Corporation has engaged in practical textile crafts (e.g. Artex and embroidery, etc.), rattan plaited articles, ceramics and other special crafts for forty years, has wide international marketing network. And, its export and import trade of arts and crafts has formed scale advantages. In the near future, China National Arts and Crafts (Group) Corporation will center its advantage resources to build brand, strengthen product research & development and innovation ability, further expand the domestic and international markets and become a arts and crafts culture products distributor centering on brand, design and channel in Chinese arts and crafts culture industry. 

    1. Drawn-works. Drawn-work is embroidery, which is also known as “lacework”. The traditional drawn-works is to knot with spun yarn, or to form carved ornamental patterns by drawing the warps or wefts of the patterns according to the pattern design and then lining the engraved parts together on the linen cloth, cotton cloth or other materials; or to make various daily necessities (e.g. tablecloth, window curtain, tray cloth & doily, handkerchief, back cloth of chair and clothes, etc.) by using cutwork, hand-stitching work and patch work, etc.  China National Arts and Crafts (Group) Corporation has the brand resource of “China Artex” and it has branch offices at Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Shandong Peninsula. Many years experience in this line has made “China Artex” occupy a larger market share in the international market. 

    2. Knitting. Knitting is one of the oldest handworks knows to man and the raw materials are mainly bamboo, rattan, grass, palm, willow and fiber. After more than forty years operation, China National Arts and Crafts (Group) Corporation has formed its unique company & peasant household tremendous production group and relative complete production sharing and cooperation system. And, domestic purchase and export channel some products and the domestic distribution channel of imported commodities is controlled. In which, the straw products account approximately 25% international market share and play a significant role in coordinating the export quality and prices of similar domestic products.