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Raw Materials

    Raw materials operated by the China National Arts and Crafts (Group) Corporation mainly include import of ivory, precious woods and other rare and precious arts and crafts raw materials, as well the export & import trade and warehousing of nonferrous metals (e.g. copper, zinc and manganese, etc.) and oils. The China National Arts and Crafts (Group) Corporation is increasing the inputs in rare and alternative new arts and crafts raw materials, in order to strive for investments in protective rare arts and crafts recourses in a market-oriented way, ensure the sustainable operation of arts and crafts culture products and set the leading supplier position in raw materials of main arts and crafts products. 

    1. Ivory trade service. The Chinese ivory carving has more than 1,800 years history, is one of the Chinese intangible cultural heritage protections. In 2008, China became the ivory trade partners of “Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species”, from which the trade of raw ivory materials is compulsorily controlled according to relevant stipulations of the Convention. The China National Arts & Grafts (Group) Corporation, an affiliated company of China National Arts and Crafts (Group) Corporation, became a domestic enterprise allowed to import the raw ivory materials approved by the State Forestry Bureau in 2008. 

    2. Non-ferrous metal minerals service. A relative perfect industrial operation chain of mine exploitation, mining and concentration process and international trade has begun to take shape. 

    3. Oils trade service.  Our company has refined oil products (fuel oil) state trading import, crude oil non-state trading import and quota, crude oil sale, refined oil products wholesale and other business qualifications. Besides, it has formed a petroleum products operation chain integrating import, transit and domestic sales of crude oil, import and sales of fuel oil, whole sale of refined oil products, warehousing and sales of petrochemicals.