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Lead's Oration

    China arts and crafts boost long and profound history, and are renowned across the world.
      We Chinese craftsmen shoulder sacred mission of carrying forward arts and crafts culture, rejuvenating arts and crafts economy and developing arts and crafts industry.
      Our company has long been dominating the international and domestic market, and has made great efforts in inhering excellent Chinese culture, promoting cultural innovation, expanding foreign exchange and contributing to development of arts and crafts industry.
      Looking forward, we have far-reaching aspiration. Under the leadership of the Commission of State-owned Assets of the State Council, we’re targeting at developing arts and crafts industry to speed up strategic transformation, create “Chinese” arts-crafts culture, and built ourselves the product service type central enterprise.
      We’ll faithfully perform social duties as a central enterprise to further free minds, conduct reform and innovation, seek scientific development, and strive to contribute more.