Enterprise spirit

Core Values:
    The core values are excellence, harmony, innovation and efficiency.
    The Group has been sticking to the core values of excellence, harmony, innovation and efficiency. It is now at a ‘new normal’ stage of China’s economy featuring reformation, transition and upgrading, and in a period of innovated operation, and sound, sustainable and science-based development. The four elements reflect the values and spirits of the staff and the Group’s need to achievement the vision. They are the values shared by all staff of the Group, indicating the shared and encouraging attitude as well as their strong will and awareness. These values constitute the root and pillar of the Group, inspiring the staff to work hard and injecting vigor and cohesion to its business. 
     The values can be further explained as below:
     Excellence to reflect the value of harmony and to win the public’s trust on the business;
     Harmony to inspire the zeal for innovation and to support the continuing impetus for growth;
     Innovation to achieve better efficiency and performance and to lead the company to a wider space;  
    Efficiency to build an outstanding business and to develop the sustainable competitiveness.

    Excellence: it reflects the Group’s goal for better performance and industry serring the country. The path to excellence never ends. The Group as the sole state business in arts and crafts sector shoulders important mission and responsibilities. Excellence, a solemn commitment to state interests, reflects the Group’s mission and duties to revitalize arts and crafts cultural industry. Being excellent means that we have to persist, continue to innovate, make effort to build core competitiveness, and aim at efficient management, well-made products, quality service, and good reputation. We need to win the market with our strength, and achieve industry serving the country.
    Harmony: It embodies the Group’s high cohesion and strong teamwork spirit. The Group has been carrying out the social responsibility of harmonious co-existence with external environment. It builds on arts and crafts industry to develop green cultural economy and communicate the time-honored culture. It takes ‘spiritual development of people’ and revitalization of Chinese arts and crafts cultural industry as its tasks. The Group builds a climate of co-development and sticks to the ‘employee-oriented’ principle and the idea of ‘building the company the home to all staff’. Harmony is union and coordination. The former is the force of collective development, and the latter is the base for a better future. Harmony means professional enthusiasm and trust, which could inspire potential of its employees and motivate their capability for innovation.
    Innovation: It reflects the Group’s rational attitude of being open-minded, meeting new challenges and outperforming. Being open minded is the premise of innovated development. Innovation leads to productivity, which creates value and benefit. The Group’s innovation indicates its profound insight of the law of economic development, correct forecast of the industry’s growth trend as well as accurate understanding of sector and business development. Innovation means that we need to surpass our past, our rivals and ourselves. It means we have to build environment for group development, create market for environment-building and make demand for market development. We have to promote market supply for industry reform. Innovation is the soul of our business expansion, and the first driving force of sustainable and sound growth as well. Innovation has no limit. It is the theme of science-based development of the Group, and employees who are passionate for innovation and achievements are its valuable assets.
    Efficiency: It embodies the Group’s competition spirit that contains its ambition, hard work and strong will of doing best. Efficiency means to be highly efficient, implying the Group’s bringing employees’ awareness of responsibility, expertise, imagination and will into full play for creation and change; it conveys employees’ spirit of being sustainable, dedicated to the Group’s mission and vision, specialized in business and capable in execution. Efficiency contains high benefit, which serves as the growth engine, the starting point and the goal of the Group’s development. Benefit brings reward to employees and a win-win result to all staff. It creates value for shareholders and a win-win result for the Group and shareholder; it creates social benefits and showcases social responsibility of the Group. It means good result, which requires us to be practical and keep the pace with times, and combine the vision with solid actions and science with soundness. Efficiency will motivate the Group to work hard in fierce competition, surpass the past achievements and become more excellent.